The Value Of Video In Employee Onboarding

16 februari 2018

It’s no secret that adding team members to an organization is an expensive proposition, not only as an investment but also during the recruiting and hiring process. Losing an employee early in their tenure when they’re finally beginning to add value can be devastating—proven by one recent study that shows companies most capable at onboarding … Read More

How To Nail Your Next Executive Webcast: An 11-Point Checklist

19 januari 2018

One of the biggest challenges facing large, global organizations is the ability to conduct an effective all-hands meeting. When the goal is increased engagement and connection between executives and distributed team members, the room for error is small—but the impact of error is significant. Recent studies show that an issue lasting as little as five … Read More

Enterprise Video Load Testing: A Case Study

4 januari 2018

Recent studies show that organizations lose 25% of their live video audience after a streaming delay of just five seconds or less. A large pharmaceutical company experienced this first hand, after a recent live event overloaded their local and wide area networks, leading to complete failure. Viewers will begin abandoning a video if their content … Read More

Video communicatie plan 2018

21 december 2017

2018 wordt het jaar van online video. Wilt u ook meer uit video halen en structureel inzetten binnen uw communicatiemix? Stel dan het videoplan 2018 op en laat video ook voor u werken. Download hier de pdf.

The Top 5 Enterprise Video Articles Of 2017

21 december 2017

As we all know, 2017 was an exciting year for enterprise video! Looking back, Qumu is proud of its role in advancing the industry, and in working with customers to develop some truly innovative enterprise video use cases. While we shared many articles with the Enterprise Video community over the past 12 months, a handful … Read More

VIDEO VISIONARY SERIES — PART 3: Eliminating Technology Barriers In Internal Collaboration

14 december 2017

SERIES RECAP: Up to this point in our Video Visionary Series, we’ve shared the innovation stories of both a leading global pharmaceutical company and a London-based asset management group. In Part 3 of our series we will cover how another Qumu customer—an international telecommunications giant—is eliminating technology barriers, and empowering its employees to more effectively … Read More

VIDEO VISIONARY SERIES — PART 2: Engaging Customers With Quick-To-Market, Video-Based Insights

1 december 2017

In our first Video Visionary Series article, we reviewed a case study involving a leading pharmaceutical company using enterprise video to drastically increase collaboration and engagement among a global employee base. And in our second article, we will cover how one innovative Qumu customer is leveraging enterprise video to improve communication with an equally important … Read More

The difference between encoding and transcoding

28 november 2017

Are you managing enterprise video across a variety of platforms? If so, you’ll need to consider a number of options as you prepare media for company-wide and possibly global distribution. But before you do, it’s important to understand the difference between two key video concepts: encoding and transcoding. In a nutshell, the process of encoding … Read More

Video Visionary Series — Part 1: Increasing Engagement And Collaboration Thru User-Generated Content

9 november 2017

Transformation requires everyone in the enterprise to be focused, connected and working together. But how do you accomplish true organizational transformation at scale? The following article will outline how one of our more innovative customers, a global pharmaceutical leader, ignited an entirely new level of engagement and collaboration among its 115,000 employees across nearly 200 … Read More

Infographic: 15 Great Uses For Video In Internal Communications

1 november 2017

According to a recent Gallup study, engaged teams experience up to 59% less turnover, while delivering 10% higher customer satisfaction and 21% greater profitability to the organization.1 Figures like these are why organizations are looking for better ways to engage their increasingly global and constantly mobile workforce. And video communication is quickly becoming the preferred method … Read More

Start Your Free 30-Day Trial Now

25 oktober 2017

Start Your Free 30-Day Trial Now   To begin your free 30-Day Trial of Qumu Cloud, please complete the form below. Be sure to provide a company email address – requests from free email providers will not be responded to. All trials include full online documentation and our complete video support library! For a complete list … Read More

Crisis Communication: The Power of Video During Uncertain Times

20 oktober 2017

Video is now an expected communication channel in day to day life, as well as within the true digital workplace. Whether for entertainment, information or staying connected, most of us watch multiple videos per day on multiple devices. Businesses are capitalizing on this shift by using video as a practical and reliable tool in corporate communications. When a crisis lands, video … Read More

Searchable Enterprise Video: Metadata, Speech Search And Speech To Text

13 oktober 2017

As it relates to both knowledge retention and comprehension, it is well-documented that video is a more effective way to engage with employees than email, PowerPoint slides or even voice calling. But with Cisco predicting that increased adoption of video will cause enterprise network traffic to grow by a factor of 3X by 2021*, will … Read More

The 8 Benefits of Key Opinion Leadership Webcasts for Life Science Companies

2 oktober 2017

Given an unlimited budget and no restrictions on time or travel, live events are the preferred method for communicating information in most industries. But due to the cost of air travel, hotel and consulting fees—not to mention compliance and the need to be more competitive and generally cost sensitive—web-based seminars called “webcasts” are quickly gaining … Read More

Is Your Virtualized Environment Video-Ready?

22 september 2017

Virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI) has entered a new era. It’s been a long evolution, but VDI is cool again! Instead of getting overrun by emerging technologies as some predicted, virtualized environments have adapted to their new world. Today’s article will review “new generation” VDI, and how Global 2000 enterprises can leverage their enterprise video platforms … Read More

How Unified Communications And Social Business Are Changing Video In The Enterprise

14 september 2017

There’s an exciting and dramatic evolution going on in enterprise technology. Unified Communications (UC) and Social Business platforms like SharePoint, Jive, Yammer and Skype for Business are fueling a huge lift in the volume of video being created, shared and managed across the enterprise. Cisco estimates that video communication within the enterprise will triple from … Read More

How Can Social Business Platforms Leverage Enterprise Video?

31 augustus 2017

We’ve all witnessed the explosion of video on the consumer side of social media, underscored a few weeks ago by LinkedIn adding the ability to create video posts. And as Global 2000 companies are quickly realizing, the same explosive growth of video is happening right now at the enterprise level, as they deploy social business … Read More

How Do Edge Units Accelerate ECDN Video Delivery?

26 augustus 2017

Ever wondered what edge technology is, or how it can dramatically accelerate video performance over your existing network? It’s not magic—it’s software. Today in this article, we will explore an often overlooked yet vital enterprise video component called an “edge unit.” And in this new video episode of Ask the Experts, Qumu President and CEO … Read More

What A GREAT Live Streaming Event Looks Like – By The Numbers

16 augustus 2017

A few weeks ago during a quarterly strategy meeting, one of our sales leaders asked the following question of the group: “Do you think decision-makers in Global 2000 companies know what a good live streaming event actually looks like?” To most organizations it sounds like a question with an obvious answer, because a good live … Read More

Why Qumu Developed A Stand-Alone Enterprise Content Delivery Network

30 juli 2017

Why did Qumu create a stand-alone enterprise video delivery network? In this new episode of our Ask the Experts Series, Qumu President and CEO Vern Hanzlik explains why Qumu re-imagined its own category-leading enterprise content delivery network (eCDN)—Pathfinder—and is now offering it to the world as a stand-alone product. Hanzlik will also review the new … Read More

3 Ways Marketing Teams Use Video To Drive Brand Engagement

20 juli 2017

Connecting on a personal level and building trust with customers and other stakeholders is critical to the success of any marketing team. And marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.1 Here are three creative ways marketers are using video to drive brand awareness and connection. 1 – Broadcasting Live from Marketing … Read More

Technology Innovators: The Changing Face Of Enterprise IPTV

15 juli 2017

Disruption is under way in the enterprise IPTV arena. Innovative companies are saving millions of dollars with enterprise IPTV, while still delivering a higher quality of service. How are enterprise video innovators infusing new energy into IPTV to reach their media-hungry digital workforce? In this new episode of Technology Innovators, Qumu’s John Greenstein discusses how … Read More

Ask The Experts: How Do You Provide Enterprise Video At Scale?

6 juli 2017

How do companies deliver enterprise video at scale, to thousands or even tens of thousands of concurrent users? That daunting challenge faces many organizations—including yours—as they strive to create a true digital workplace. In this first video of our new Ask the Experts Series, Qumu President and CEO Vern Hanzlik answers the enterprise-sized question: “How … Read More

4 Things To Look For In An Extensible Enterprise Video Platform

25 juni 2017

According to analysts, system maintenance costs can exceed four times your acquisition and deployment budget, over a five-year period. Four times! So how do you get the most out of your enterprise video platform? In our latest Technology Innovators vidcast, John Greenstein tackles that word “extensible” and what it means when you evaluate vendor offerings. … Read More

In A Crisis, Your Executives Don’t Have To Be Flawless (But Your Video Platform Does)

2 juni 2017

Video is now a standard tool for crisis communications, courtesy of its immediacy, authenticity and emotive power. Major corporations have embraced it as a critical platform for internal and external communications during challenging times. Crisis communications expert, Paul Omodt of Omodt & Associates says, “During crisis or uncertainty people want to look their leaders in … Read More

3 Reasons To Record And Stream Your Next Skype For Business Session

1 juni 2017

Great ideas are exchanged in Skype for Business sessions. Your digital workforce depends on fluid communication and knowledge transfer. Here are three reasons to capture and share those important interactions.   1 Capture collaboration   “Is someone recording this?”   Let’s say you’re trying to get your whole team on board with a new software … Read More

Emotive power: Crisis communications with enterprise video

8 mei 2017

Crisis communications is all about preparedness, speed to market with your message and authenticity. Increasingly, the story is just as much about how you deal with a crisis — and demonstrate leadership — as it is about the crisis itself. Video is clearly one of the best vehicles for immediate action. Check out our whitepaper … Read More

3 ways automotive manufacturers are building the digital workplace with video

1 mei 2017

While much is written about automation and robotics in automotive manufacturing, there’s a parallel movement – the digital workforce – designed to increase employee engagement, collaboration and agility. Video plays a big role in helping the digital workforce overcome distance and functional barriers. In an increasingly machine-oriented space, it connects people. It also creates data … Read More

4 ways to infuse video into your Microsoft environment

20 april 2017

The new digital workforce is designed to share knowledge and experiences like never before — and video is vital to that exchange. Microsoft’s powerful suite of collaboration tools have become the standard for connecting people and driving digital transformation, but video can be tough to secure, distribute, search and manage. It’s even harder when you’re … Read More

Why video applications disrupt traditional QA process

10 april 2017

Videos are massive files creating huge network loads. Assuring a quality video experience across an enterprise is a complex undertaking. As a result, innovations in testing video applications have disrupted traditional QA processes. That’s no small thing with testing making up 25% of an applications’ budget. In this latest Technology Innovators vidcast, John Greenstein discusses … Read More

3 must-dos for greater participation in town hall meeting broadcasts

30 maart 2017

How a fast-growing organization connects How do you pull off a flawless internal town hall meeting with thousands of employees? It’s not always easy.  Take it from one our customers. This fast-growing technology firm drives digital transformation for an entire nation’s healthcare ecosystem — providing actionable data and vital IT services.  Yet, it was technology … Read More

Why unified communications drives enterprise video.

17 maart 2017

In this second of two talks with Wainhouse Research, we asked: Is unified communications driving enterprise video? According to analyst Steve Vonder Haar, nearly half of 1,800 executives surveyed said they’re planning on spending more on enterprise video technology. That’s because the digital workforce is creating and consuming more video. He believes that the growth of unified communications … Read More

Cloud vs on-premise video solutions. How do you choose?

10 maart 2017

How do you see on-premise, cloud and hybrid solutions evolving for enterprise video? We put that question to Steve Vonder Haar of Wainhouse Research who says we’re in a state of transition and companies want a choice. In fact, he believes that cloud solutions, often initiated at the department level, may be the gateway for many organizations … Read More

Technology Innovators: Is today’s authentic video horizontal or vertical?

8 maart 2017

With 45% of our customers asking for vertical video solutions, Qumu’s John Greenstein explores the questions: Why is video going vertical (as in portrait versus landscape)? Does it add authenticity? Is it a fad … or a fit for your corporate Tube portal? What’s an innovator to do? Your audiences and content creators are rapidly … Read More

4 ways Brooks Macdonald engages customers and builds trust using video

1 maart 2017

In most businesses, the customer wants more than a transaction. They’re looking for insights and perspective. And nowhere is that more true than in investing. United Kingdom-based investment management firm Brooks Macdonald shares insights with customers in the form of a video blog every Monday morning through the help of our Qumu Cloud video solution. … Read More

Part 3: A look at the Internal Training Use Case in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Video Content Management

22 februari 2017

In this last of three posts covering Gartner’s Critical Capabilities Report for Enterprise Video Content Management, we’re taking a closer look at Internal Training. For this use case, Qumu again ranked among the top two providers included in Gartner’s report. We’re honored to rank highly for such an important video use case. In the enterprise, we … Read More

Brooks Macdonald engages investors with timely market insights using Qumu video solution

22 februari 2017

Investment management firm builds an audience and brand loyalty with quick-to-market commentary London, UK – February 21, 2017 – Qumu (NASDAQ: QUMU), a leader in enterprise video, today announced that investment management firm Brooks Macdonald is increasing investor engagement and building brand loyalty using the Qumu Cloud video solution. Every Monday the firm delivers expert market insights … Read More

Part 1: Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Video Content Management: Internal Executive Messaging

7 februari 2017

This is the first of three posts examining Gartner’s Critical Capabilities report for Enterprise Video Content Management, an expert analysis of providers’ product and service offerings of video in several key use cases. In Part 1, we’ll focus on Gartner’s analysis of the capabilities needed for Internal Executive Messaging. We’re extremely excited to score highest … Read More

25 best practices for enterprise video

9 januari 2017

Many companies miss out on the true power of a video platform in their organizations because they don’t ever get beyond their first use case. Rather, they treat each application of video as a standalone use case and start from scratch when a new application is needed. It’s understandable – in the past, video was … Read More

Make sure your video Cloud is grounded in your business reality

28 november 2016

With all the hype about Cloud in the market today, it’s easy to picture Cloud platforms as ethereal solutions magically floating out there somewhere in the world, solving your business challenges without ever touching the ground. The reality is that every Cloud solution is “grounded” behind the scenes with real hardware. Netflix, Apple, Microsoft, Salesforce…all … Read More

Security essentials for strategic enterprise video deployments

21 november 2016

As video plays a bigger and bigger role in an enterprise’s communications DNA, the requirements of the video infrastructure grow as well. Security is one area that is often overlooked when companies start with an external, marketing-focused use case. For example, one global B2C enterprise wanted to use video to advance their business. Rather than … Read More

Citrix and Qumu bring high quality video to thin client architectures

10 november 2016

There are two highly valuable and fast-growing trends in the enterprise that at first blush don’t seem to have much in common. One is video communications, the most exciting and useful new form of communications in enterprises. Consumer use of video is driving adoption within organizations for a broad range of communication and collaboration use … Read More

6 tricks and treats for getting the most from Qumu Cloud video widgets

28 oktober 2016

Video is a powerful medium for communication and collaboration, and widgets are a great tool to get them in front of your audience in a way that fits into their everyday lives. This increases the reach and adoption of your valuable content.  Widgets can be placed on your homepage or in a particular page on … Read More

A/B test your Marketing videos – and your internal videos too

7 oktober 2016

Big Data is coming to the world of video in a big way. It’s especially clear if you’re in Marketing. This disciple is relatively late to the digital transformation, but the industry is making up for lost time. Scott Brinker has been tracking marketing technology for years; his Marketing Technology Landscape included about 150 companies … Read More

6 building blocks to a successful CEO webcast

23 september 2016

One of the most valuable and visible uses of enterprise video today is the CEO webcast. It’s familiar to everyone because it replaces something everyone can relate to: the prototypical “all hands meeting” where everyone is gathered in the cafeteria, with the company leader speaking face to face with everyone, together. The times have changed, … Read More

Zes redenen voor een zakelijk video content management platform

13 september 2016

Video is de norm op Facebook, SnapChat, Youtube en Skype. En waarom? Omdat video, als geen ander medium, mensen raakt en de boodschap krachtig, aantrekkelijk en laagdrempelig overbrengt. Het lijkt wellicht logisch dat social media platformen deze functie ook kunnen vervullen voor de zakelijke markt. Maar niets is minder waar. Uw bedrijf gebruikt sociale platformen … Read More

Qumu and Citrix: optimize video streaming in virtualized desktop infrastructures

10 september 2016

In an increasingly digital workplace, the use of consumer technologies such as mobile devices is becoming the norm in most organizations. By enabling employees to access key information from any device, desktop virtualization provides a foundation for the business mobility currently transforming the way people and businesses operate. No longer just for early adopters and … Read More

Customer spotlight: global defense contractor

9 september 2016

Here’s a story about one of Qumu’s clients and how they are using video to make their company better: One of the world’s five largest defense contractors, video plays a key role in internal and external communications for this firm. What started as a way to reduce costs has grown to be an irreplaceable tool … Read More

Video puts a face to employee engagement

4 september 2016

The problem is glaringly obvious, but the solution is elusive: employees are not engaging with their employers, and businesses are paying a heavy price. Companies lose $11B annually due to employee turnover According to Good & Co., poor cultural fit causes 89% of hiring failures A Kenexa study found that organizations with Top Quartile employee … Read More

Three ways to use video to communicate change

17 augustus 2016

Use video to communicate change, connect with audiences, and create a unified change story We get it. Change is hard. According to research, one of the main reasons change efforts fail in business is the lack of effective communication. If there’s anything that employees and clients dislike more than uncertainty, it’s silence. Video is the … Read More

A recipe for a truly “unified” video conference

13 augustus 2016

When it comes to video conferencing, Unified Communications sometimes seems like anything but. You’ve got your legacy hardware in conference rooms, dedicated telepresence rooms, newer virtual meeting solutions and of course there’s Skype for Business.  And don’t forget the web conferencing options which often are chosen when it comes to meeting time. How do you … Read More

Jive is good. Jive with video is even better.

4 augustus 2016

When it comes to bringing large, dispersed organizations together, Jive is a force for good. Hundreds of enterprises use Jive to connect, communicate and collaborate.  It makes them a better team, which makes them a better company. While social business portals like Jive are powerful, they can be so much more powerful with video baked … Read More

Video communication in times of turmoil

26 juli 2016

In times of crisis or market uncertainty, addressing issues correctly is paramount to the long term success of organizations. Video is powerful because it emphasizes many of the same qualities as in-person interactions. But it also increases engagement versus written words and extends the reach of the message through digital channels. There are certain things … Read More

How video improves Financial Services compliance training

19 juli 2016

As we work with the world’s largest banks and other major financial institutions to deploy video solutions, one theme is clear: compliance is a big deal, one that impacts most everything going on in these organizations. Each year financial services firms pay billions of dollars in non-compliance charges.  And training processes themselves are heavily regulated … Read More

How video improves Pharmaceutical compliance training

12 juli 2016

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most heavily regulated in the world. Each year pharmaceutical companies pay billions of dollars in non-compliance charges.  And training processes themselves are heavily regulated – making the goal of compliant employees even harder to achieve. Online training is a key enabler to success here. But the leaders in … Read More

Aviva: visible leadership through video

7 juli 2016

Aviva plc, one of the world’s leading insurance companies, has over 30,000 employees around the globe.  Simply Communicate’s Marc Wright recently reported on how they are successfully connecting and engaging this large, globally dispersed team. According to Jon Hawkins, the leader of Aviva’s global internal communications, the company has a clear strategy and a clear set of … Read More

Five by five: why and how to make your business more social

29 juni 2016

There is a groundswell in enterprises around the world towards Social Business and Digital Workplace initiatives. There are two important questions about this major shift in business priority: Why invest in making our business more social? How do I make it happen? Drawing from what we’ve experienced working with our customers and heard from other … Read More

Technology Innovators: Video analytics and big data

25 juni 2016

Big Data is impacting us in our personal lives, and just as substantially in the business world. While data is exploding in almost every application, video is arguably the biggest data of all.  And the information about your audiences’ behavior that video throws off is priceless. How do you make the most of it? In … Read More

Bank helps clients navigate Brexit with video

25 juni 2016

Brexit is a huge moment politically, but also a jolt of uncertainty for individuals everywhere financially: How will this affect my investments? What should I do now? One leading bank in the UK is acting fast.  Since 4:00AM this morning London time, the bank has published over a dozen videos to their clients within their … Read More

Why Facebook sees video replacing text in five years

22 juni 2016

Facebook’s Nicola Mendelsohn said at a conference this month that in five years Facebook “will probably be all video,” and that video is “the best way to tell stories in this world.” Video has made a rapid climb in business for communication and collaboration over the past few years because it is such a rich form of … Read More

Five Must-Haves for an Enterprise Video Platform

15 juni 2016

You’ve been using video sporadically, and now you’re ready to make it a permanent part of your company’s internal and external communications. What’s next? Video is ubiquitous in our personal and professional lives now, so it’s tempting to think that any solution will work when it comes to using video as a strategic communication tool … Read More

QUMU benoemt DGvO als nieuwe reseller voor de Benelux

10 juni 2016

Qumu’s enterprise video oplossingen maken DGvO’s video consultancy services compleet. London, UK June 9, 2016 – Qumu (NASDAQ: QUMU), de markleider in enterprise video, kondigt vandaag de samenwerking aan met DGvO, een van de meest toonaangevende video consultancy services bedrijven in Nederland, België en Luxemburg. Qumu biedt een flexibel, schaalbaar en volledig beschermd video content management platform … Read More

Video and Virtual Desktop Infrastructures: The Key to Connection

27 mei 2016

In a recent study by Virtual Reality Check (VRC) one of the world’s leading expert analysts on Virtual Desktop Interfaces (VDIs), IT professionals from around the world were surveyed on their experiences with VDIs in their corporate network. When asked what was currently the biggest challenge within their VDI environment, the highest response was user experience … Read More

Aragon Research: Managing all types of video is top priority

20 mei 2016

In their “Research Globe for Enterprise Video, 2016” Aragon Research founder, CEO and lead analyst Jim Lundy says that the ease of capturing and creating video coupled with increased demand from employees who are used to seeing video in their daily lives, is a major factor fueling the growth of enterprise video. As video use … Read More

Boosting Productivity: The Value of Video Search

17 mei 2016

How much time would you say you spend looking for answers at work? By its definition, research is a part of a knowledge worker’s job. From software engineers to scientists, accountants to advertisers, seeking information about clients, projects and products is an essential part of the day-to-day for many modern workers. Video is an ideal … Read More

Boosting Productivity: UC and Video

30 april 2016

Business runs on productivity. Productivity is increased by access to knowledge and collaboration among team members. The “how” of increasing knowledge access and collaboration may seem tricky, but, according to a recent survey by TechTarget of IT professionals, many businesses are looking to video to give their business’ productivity a boost. In the survey, 82% of respondents … Read More

Unified Communications and Video Best Practices: Sharing to Any Audience

17 april 2016

10 of the top 15 US companies by revenue get over 40% of their revenue from overseas. That means having offices that are distributed not just across the country, but across the globe. And with globally distributed audiences comes complications to communication. As we’ve mentioned before, 90% of companies interviewed in a recent survey were using Unified Communications … Read More

Facebook Brings Live Video Streaming to Everyone

10 april 2016

Almost exactly a year ago we were talking about Facebook’s new commitment to streaming video. To recap, last year CEO Mark Zuckerberg predicted that by 2020 Facebook would be “mostly video” and that Facebook’s 890 million viewers were watching an average of 3 billion videos a day. Then, in April of 2015 he announced a whole host of … Read More

Unified Communications and Video Best Practices: Store and Search

3 april 2016

Recently we reported that 90% of companies interviewed in a recent survey were using Unified Communications (UC) solutions with video for internal meetings. However, some of those companies were leaving value on the table by not integrating with an enterprise video platform to record and upload those meetings and conversations for later use. Once an organization has … Read More

The business benefit of video for financial institutions

30 maart 2016

Financial services organizations operate in fast-paced and complex environments. In order to keep up with the speed of the market, as well as to respond to increasing client demands for transparency, financial services groups have increasingly turned to video as a medium to quickly but personably convey information through rich presentations. As a leader in … Read More

Create video content everywhere

12 maart 2016

Video is one of the most versatile tools an organization can use to bring ideas and knowledge to employees, partners, team members and customers. As a medium, it’s engaging, entertaining and can deliver information quickly and efficiently. As more and more of the world’s leading businesses adopt video, the question becomes, “How do we create … Read More

Can your webcasting platform handle your audience?

28 februari 2016

After several CEO webcasts had failed under the strain of a global audience, a major medical technology company knew they needed a solution with the power to handle thousands of viewers in a variety of locations on any connection and device. When Qumu arrived to deliver a proof of concept the company worked with a … Read More

How video storytelling engages from the top down

1 februari 2016

I was recently reading an article in Strategy+Business about Clarian Health Partners taking a mindful approach in the boardroom. “Mindfulness in the boardroom refers to the capacity of a group of people to think in a deep way together,” authors Charlotte M. Roberts and Martha W. Summerville write, “In assessing a current challenge, the mindful board looks … Read More

Video’s Answer to 7 Trends in Pharma Communications

22 januari 2016

We recently announced that almost half of the top ten largest pharmaceutical companies in the world are using Qumu as the engine that drives video in their communications strategies. I recently came across this article in which Paul Tunnah, CEO of the excellent pharmaceutical industry insider group Pharmaphorum, assesses seven emerging trends in pharma communications and how to address them. … Read More

Video Transcoding: A Crucial Piece of Enterprise Video Strategy

1 januari 2016

In a recent survey by Wainhouse Research, 1,512 executives were polled on the importance of transcoding when it came to purchasing streaming technology. In businesses that are producing more than 100 events a year, 64% of executives marked that transcoding was “very important” and 12% said they would not deploy a solution without transcoding capabilities. Overall, … Read More

10 reasons your business should be telling stories

31 oktober 2015

I was talking recently with a colleague about the art of storytelling, and why it matters in an era when people are so inundated with all kinds of media. From our conversation I’ve come up with ten reasons why you (and your business) should be telling stories. Storytelling is simple – A story can be anything … Read More